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Why Choose Keystone?

Keystone is a digital marketing agency located in St. George, UT. We provide businesses with a unique and personal marketing experience. At Keystone we pride ourselves in our ability to analyze industry-specific needs and deliver relative and innovative solutions. Our incredible staff combines years of experience and a multitude of skills that allow us to take on any task. Our group of experts has helped us to increase relevance, engagement, and drive traffic for our clients. There is nothing that brings our team more satisfaction than seeing your business succeed!



Complete Online Visibility

We have the best available online presence options, time tested we know the best place to put your marketing dollars.

Reputation Management

Online reputation is important. We know how to keep your online reputation in excellent standing with potential clients.

Website Development

Our web developers take pride in their work. They’re here to ensure that your web dream becomes a web reality.

Content Creation

We offer in house content creation, all of our photographers are vetted and live to strict standards to ensure you get the best possible images.


Review Harvesting

We use a specialized  review aggregation software that enables you to harvest online reviews easily and effectively through SMS and emails.

Social Media Management

Social media is becoming more and more important in todays SEO world. We have the capabilities to manage this for you, giving you a break from screens.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We have the tools and skill to successfully implement Email Marketing campaigns, allowing you to reach thousands of potential clients easily and effectively.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Our Facebook Blueprint certified specialists can accurately target your potential audience, giving you the capability to source new clients and leads.

Google Ad Campaigns

Our team has the knowledge to implement successful Google Adwords campaigns to top the search results, earning your more business.

Google Business Listing Management

Keeping your Google My Business Listing under control is a beast in it itself. We manage this listing for you, so that no funny business can plague your online visibility.

Local Citations And Local SEO

We’re certified Yext partners, giving us the ability to offer full local citation sync and LSEO services for unbelievably good prices.


QR Table Tents

We design and create your QR code tents in house, giving you control over how your design turns out. These help immensely with harvesting reviews in your restaurant.

Completed Websites

Control Your Information Online From One Centralized Location

In 2020 business usually starts with a question. Usually to an electronic device. Most searches made today are local searches. Keystone is proud to be partners with the most prestigous local listing engine in the world. We will collect your business information, photos, description, and more and sync this information accross countless listings.

NAP Consistency

NAP Consistency stands for Name Address Phone. HAving this information consistent across the web increases your SEO.

NAP Volume

Having your NAP information synced correctly is great, but having as many of these citations as possible is AMAZING for your local SEO. 

NAP Errors

Having NAP errors attached to your business dramatically harms your online SEO. This makes you look less trustworthy to Google.

Your Online Credibility

Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google all look at your credibility when a search query is pulled. If you aren’t credible, you don’t show up. We increase your online credibility with these search engines. Search engines trust your information more and clients and consumers will have an easier time finding you.


It’s a statistically proven fact that positive reviews provide a significant increase in revenue, while negative reviews significantly decrease revenue. 

Amazon Alexa, Google, and Siri all take reviews into account when displaying information. Our goal is to harvest positive reviews and assist in blocking out the bad using review harvesting software.

  • 90% of shoppers read online reviews before purchasing 90% 90%
  • Up to 80% of reviews come from E-mail or SMS follow-ups 80% 80%
  • 72% of customers don’t take action until they have read reviews 72% 72%
  • 95% of consumers get suspicious of fake reviews if there are no bad ones 95% 95%
  • 92% of consumers have a hard time purchasing with no reviews 92% 92%
  • 82% of shoppers read negative reviews to help them make a choice 82% 82%



Discover the power that social media holds, and take your business to the next level.


Social Media Ads and Posts are perfect for reaching a specific audience. Our partnership with Sprout Social gives us the ability to offer their award winning software and tools to our clients at an extremely discounted cost.

Sprout Social’s most expensive package is included in every Ultimate Web Essentials service plan. With the Smart Inbox Feature, Scheduled Publishing Tool, Detailed Reporting, Asset Library, and Chat Bot Integreation. Sprout Social has become the most powerful social media management software in the world.


Increase Your Percieved Value!

Your online percieved value is incredibly important, it defines how potential customers view the quality of your work before they even meet you. 

“Humans are incredibly visual; and powerful moving images help us find meaning, and video helps capture and contextualize the world around us” – Dan Patterson

All of our photographers have years of experience under their belts, passion for their craft in their hearts, and thousands of dollars of equipment. All of our content is generated in house, so if you ever have a great idea, we can shoot it quickly.