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Is Google Important For My Business? Read below the answer is obvious…

Google 2019 Stats

Searches Queries Per Second

Searchers Queries Per Day


Of "Near Me" Searches Result In A Store Visit


Ownership Of Global Search Market

When it comes to managing a Google Listing there’s more to do than meets the eye. Read below to see what’s including in all of Keystone’s packages. 

Every Google listing has to be verified with Google. This process includes sending a postcard from Google to your business location and then verifying the code on the postcard with Google. Keystone sends this card for you and will contact you within 5 days to get the verification code. Then we verify your Google listing for you. This unlocks all Google listing features. 

Many business owners have false information displayed on Google and have no idea. Keystone will update and monitor all your vital info on the Google listing. This includes but is not limited to:


  • Business Address & Location
  • Service Areas
  • Hours of Operation
  • Special Hours (Holidays)
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Business Description

Many business owners are still unaware that it is possible to post on a Google Business Listing the same way a Facebook post or Instagram post is done. We post to your listing for you twice a month. Posts include features such as offers, products, events, and more.

Reviews are a huge part of today’s digital world. The success of your business is dependant upon review velocity and consistancy. Review response is also part of this process. Keystone takes the time to respond to the reviews on your Google listing in a professional manner. This shows your clients you care and also gives them a reminder to come see you again. When we respond to each review the customer or client that left the review gets a push notification from Google straight to their phone reminding them you care with our reponse. 

Short name’s are one of Google newest updates. It was released in June, 2019. The short name is now part of the set up process on a Google listing and without it being done your online visiblity can suffer. We work with you to create the short name and send you a copy so you know what it is. Short names can only be changed 3 times per year. You can also use the short name as a link to harvest reviews.

Google chat is a feature that was recently implented back in 2018. Customers and clients browsing your Google listing can now chat to you directly via the Google listing. To set this feature up we need a cell phone number (usually the business owners). This feature is becoming more and more popular because the daily consumer would prefer to text someone over taking the time to call.  

Companies can now list their services and even products on the Google listing. On average

Photography is one of the most important components to a well built Google listing. Creating an impressive first impression is just as important online as it is in the real world.