Partner Program

What is it

Our partner program was designed to benefit all involved parties. We created this program with the client, the partner, and ourselves in mind. Our structure allows for the client to gain a real connection with us through a trusted source. The partner receives a monetary compensation for entrusting us with their clients. And we receive the opportunity to demonstrate what we have to offer the client.

How does it work

It’s simple! At Keystone we like our processes to be streamlined and easy to work with. It starts with the partner, you know your clients and they trust you, all we ask is that you let them know about us! If a client mentions they’re in need of our services you simply sign into your Keystone account, input the client’s information, and we take care of the rest! Once a partner has added a client to the Keystone CRM one of our specialists will get in contact with them, we set up a time to meet with the client and demonstrate our services, then they can decide if it’s the right fit for their needs. That’s it! If the referred client signs up with us, we send a check to the partner. Simple.

How we keep track

The partner is in the loop the whole time! We update the CRM every step of the way and the partner can review those updates as we go. If a partner wants to see what’s been done for a referred client all they have to do is sign into their Keystone account. From here the partner can see what step of the process we are in with the referred client and if a client signs up with us or not. If we are successful in closing the deal with the client the partner can view what package the client signed up for, the value of the contract, and how much they can expect to receive as well.