Don’t let your business get caught with bad reputation!

Analyze through ORM(Online Reputation Management)

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Reputation Management

Why it’s important: In a world that functions online with the ability to be constantly connected, it takes only moments for news to spread. It is crucial that a business be present, active, and maintain a positive image online. Reviews are key! People have made online reviews the new standard, in times surpassing word of mouth. Don’t let your business get caught with a negative reputation!

Consumers that read online reviews before visiting.
Consumers that trust online reviews as much as a person
Negative online review effect on consumer purchases

How it Works



After you have completed a service or transaction with a customer they will receive an email and/or a text message.


Recommend Us

The user is asked “Would you recommend us” and is prompted to select Yes or No. If the user selects Yes, then they proceed to the next step.

If the user selects No, then it allows them to input their concern/complaint and that is sent directly to you.


Choose An App

Users that have selected yes will then be shown review sites that have been preselected by you. Sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, or industry specific sites such as Home Advisor, or


Write A Review

The user will be directed to the review site of their choice and will be able to easily leave a review.