We live in a world of online, smartphones, and wireless networks. Consumers are turning away from print ads, radio, and even television commercials. However the average person has 5 social media accounts and spends around 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing these networks everyday. It would make sense for businesses to be on the front lines of the social media era.

  1. Increased Brand Awareness.
  2. More Inbound Traffic.
  3. Improved Search Engine Rankings.
  4. Higher Conversion Rates.
  5. Better Customer Satisfaction.
  6. Improved Brand Loyalty.
  7. Higher Authority In The Market Place.

How Keystone Helps


If you do not already have social media accounts created, we go and create a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, And a Google+ Business Listing. If you already have these, we optimize them to help your website rank in local search results. 


The more places a user can find your business the better. In addition, Google search algorithms favor websites that are linked to active social media accounts. If your business is not listed on these social media platforms, or your accounts are not optimized for google’s search engines, you are losing potential sales EVERY DAY.


Many business owners that realize the importance of social media seem to follow a specific pattern. They will create content and begin to post, and be active on social media for a week, or maybe a month. They will then get busy and the posting will die down, or stop altogether. Active posting is important. When a user finds your business page on social media and finds that it hasn’t been posted on for 6 months it can leave them wondering if you’re still in business.

  • Text posts: We can post anywhere from twice a month to every day.
  • Image posts: We send a photographer to your business to take high resolution professional photos. You retain the rights to these photos, and can use them however and wherever you choose to do so. In addition to high quality photographer we also have a graphic designer that is able to make high quality content for your social media pages and/or website.
  • Custom Hashtags
  • Professional Video: Video not only helps you rank better in google, it also allows you to show off your brand’s personality, build consumer trust, and stand out from your competition. We are partnered with a production company that is equipped with drones, 4k video cameras, Ronen stabilizers, and GoPros.
Example Photos

It’s important to build an audience, but the ultimate goal of social media marketing is to drive more traffic to your website or storefront. That’s why it’s so important to have the right social media followers, the ones who are actually interested in your products and services.

  • Group sharing: We find online groups that are related to your industry and post content in them
  • Mass Following: First we find social media users that meet your demographic, and we follow them. They will receive a push notification on their device telling them that you have followed them, this allows users to find you that didn’t previously know you existed.
  • Comment Response: It’s important that when people have questions, or concerns they are addressed immediately. We respond to any comments very promptly. We also notify you of any potential leads so you can enter them into your sales pipeline.
  • Relevant Hash Tags: People have embraced hashtags over the past couple of years. They allow users to filter content very efficiently. We are able to use hashtags to target users that are actively looking for your product/service.
  • Photo Albums: Organization is essential for users to be able to easily find the content they are looking for. If users want to see examples of your work, or photos of your products, you don’t want them searching between random memes, and photos of your employees. We create albums on social media to help users find the content they are looking for.

We offer two types of online ad campaigns. Google and Facebook, both perform the same function in a different manner. Google ads targets specific keywords and phrases entered into search queries by search engine users. Advertisers bid on the keywords, and each time a ad is clicked the advertiser pays for it. We are able to target users very specifically. On facebook the ads appear in users news-feeds and on the right side of the desktop version of the website.

Facebook is a little different from google, but you can think of it like this: Google helps you find new customers and facebook allows new customers to find you.


Our Social Media Reports can be delivered on a weekly or a monthly basis. These reports can be up to 50 pages long depending on how detailed you would like us to be. They allow for you to see what our agency has been working on, and how it has impacted your online presence. These reports are extremely detailed, transparent, and easy to read.