Fully Optimized Social Media Management

Keep your business active and engaged on Social Media

Why is Social Media something my business needs? Is it worth the investment?

Your Audience

When you build an audience of followers on SNS platforms you are essentially creating a group of people you can market to whenver you want, when you want, how you want. Posts on Instagram and Facebook are free.


Social Media Proof

According to Forbes’s research on consumer engagement with different businesses via social media networks, it is found that 81% of respondents agreed that recommendations and posts from family and friends directly influenced their buying decisions.

Perceived Value

A well built out social media platform completely changes the way customers think about your company. Quality images and content make you look more professional and knowledgeable.

Value of Time Vs. Cost

Lets be honest. Managing social media accouns the right way is time consuming and tedius. As a business owner you have other fires to put out in more urgent places. Use our team to deliver a higher quality social presence to your customers and clients.

Packages Starting At Just $375/mo

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Discover the power that social media holds, and take your business to the next level.


Social Media Ads and Posts are perfect for reaching a specific audience. Our partnership with Sprout Social gives us the ability to offer their award winning software and tools to our clients at an extremely discounted cost.

Sprout Social’s most expensive package is included in every Ultimate Web Essentials service plan. With the Smart Inbox Feature, Scheduled Publishing Tool, Detailed Reporting, Asset Library, and Chat Bot Integreation. Sprout Social has become the most powerful social media management software in the world.

Keystone Is Proud To Be Partnered With

The Most Powerful Social Media Management Software Company In The World.

Sprout Social’s most expensive package is included in almost every Keystone service plan. We buy this software at wholesale cost and pass the savings on to you. Browse the content below to see what Sprout is capable of and why it has become the leading industry standard in Social Media Management.

Publishing Tool

Easily Post to Multiple Social Networks

Sprout’s Publishing tool combines advanced social media posting tools and innovative workflows so you can efficiently plan, schedule and post across multiple social media platforms from a single place.

Seamlessly Integrates With All Social Media Platforms

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Smart Inbox

Never Miss a Social Media Message Again

The smart inbox compiles all of your messages, reviews, comments, posts, ad comments, and more into one place from all of your social media platforms. Thats right! You can now check everything from one place. You can even download the mobile app and respond straight from your phone.


Detailed Analytics

Quickly get a feel for Page impressions, Fan growth and how your Social Media content is performing with intuitive, interactive reports. Make important business descisons based off of real data and grow your audience. 

Sprout Social also has an array of other features included in our service plans. These other features include but are not limited to:

Asset Library

Sharing and posting online just got easier with Sprouts Asset Library. Sort and filter assets by text, video, or images to streamline posting and content sharing accross your social media platforms. 

Chat Bots

Sprout’s automated chatbot builder seamlessly integrates with the Smart Inbox allowing you to carry on and easily manage social conversations. Chat Bots help you answer tedius questions customers always ask. 

Packages Starting At Just $375/mo

View your free proposal now to see how Keystone can change the game for your business

Fully Automated Posting To Your Social Media Channels

Keystone will post to your SNS channels for you. Plans range from 1 – 3 posts/week.

More Info
Keystone also offers full scale automated posting to your social platforms for you. We will post to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Plans range from 1 Post/Week up to 3 Posts/Week. Content is generated by the Keystone content creation team and you have the option to approve each post via the Sprout Social app before the post goes live.

*  Automated Posting is not included in all packages. Please contact your account representative or click “Get My Free Proposal Now” to discover pricing on Automated Posting.